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All About What's Near Me
The idea of What's Near Me came to life when a need was identified for a simple, easy to use system to connect with people to engage in likeminded activities and events, and to answer the commonly asked questions, what are some things to do near me or what activities are near me for me, my kids or just for adults. Whether you have many friends and a large network, or just the opposite, and you want to participate in multiple activities and experience new things, the founders of What’s Near Me are making this possible to do with only a few simple clicks.

For many of us, living busy lifestyles we abandon the idea of signing up and committing ourselves to clubs or groups to participate in activities and events that we love, this makes planning activities when we want a little more difficult as most people that are not in a social groups or are not signed up to something somewhere, find it challenging to call upon others to join in and be a part of something.

Our Mission

This is where What’s Near Me provides a solution, we allow you to express your interest in specific activities, events or sports, and offer them to the world to see simply by viewing a map and selecting an interest from our ever growing, user developed database on our platform. The power of this enables users to speak to like-minded people who are in similar situations or have the same interests and allows you to create and host the events you want to take place, then plan and manage your events and ideas seamlessly and effortlessly with the use of online messaging and interacting features of our social network. No matter your interest, someone out there shares the same enthusiasm, What’s Near Me wants everyone to share that and be a part of it. Here are some examples of how What’s Near Me platform solves your problems!

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